Top Amazing Destinations in India-Hauntingly Beautiful Chhattisgarh

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More than a billion years ago, Earth shivered and stretched herself as if waking up from a deep slumber.

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                    Yoga at Chitrakote Falls…The River Indrawati in her glory..

Her bosom heaved up and down and from within her womb, a massive volume of lava erupted upwards.Her convulsions left deep scars upon her body, the lava gradually cooled off and thus, the area that we know as Chhattisgarh, was born.Geologists call her a part of Gondwanaland.But, what is in a name, you might wonder.And I agree with you .The ancient events unleashed upon the body of Mother Earth led to an unprecedented vista of beauty and wildlife.And, thus, was born the hauntingly beautiful Indian state of Chhattisgarh!

Displaying photo 3.JPG A much calmer Indrawati, downstream

Which way you look at it, the defining colour of Chhattisgarh is GREEN and the myriad shades that go…

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