Top 4 Haunted Sites in Delhi that will give you shivers!

Don’t tell me that I did not warn you before!

You have the good fortune of this blog post to now know about some of the very hauntingly beautiful spots in Delhi that , well, may leave you a bit berserk.

1. Nicholson’s Cemetery

They say in hushed tones about a headless corpse often wandering on his horse back in the dead of the night in the eerie graveyard of Nicholson’s Cemetery.

Nicholson was a British officer serving the British Army in the 19th century in Delhi when Indians erupted in a mutiny against the East India Company.

Delhi was under the control of the British but after the initial few days of the start of the revolt, the British Army had to abandon the city till reinforcements came.

When the British gained their strength, they attacked the city once again and besieged it.It was during one of those days of heavy fighting that a young British officer, Captain Nicholson was hit with a shell and he died.Death was instantaneous.

Local residents say , his ghost still roams the graveyard on a horseback in the dead of the night.

Nicholson’s Cemetery

The graveyard lies in the old section of Delhi and if you want to see this intriguing place, do let me know.

2.Khooni Darwaza

Do you know what Khooni Darwaza means? It stands for a Gate colored in Blood.

This beauty stands bang in front of a cricket stadium in Delhi. Close by is the office of the world’s largest English newspaper-The Times of India.

Do you know why it is so called? In the 19th century, the British troops had murdered three sons of the Mughal Emperor , Bahadur Shah Zafar.The three sons were first imprisoned, stripped down and later shot dead by the British.


Apparently, because these chaps had encouraged their Mughal soldiers to massacre the British citizens during the Great War of Independence in 1857 in Delhi.It was a pure case of revenge.

Khooni Darwaza was one of the gates to have been constructed by Sher Shah Suri more than 500 years ago. He was then the King of Delhi.

3. Firoz Shah Kotla

Right next to the infamous Khooni Darwaza is an ancient citadel, Firoz Shah Kotla.

Built by Firoz Shah in the mid 14 th century in Delhi, this citadel is considered by many to be haunted by ghosts or djinns.

People from nearby houses and colonies, primarily Muslims , come to this place to make these ghosts happy by giving them sweet meats, biryani and other delicacies.They also light up candles to make the atmosphere even more weird.

No body has seen the ghosts, but many die hard believers says that the djinns often manifest themselves in forms of dogs, cats etc.

The citadel is closed to the public after dusk.There is an ancient water reservoir inside the citadel where several people have committed suicides.

Hair raising experience!

Know what? The adjoining cricket stadium has been lucky for the Indian cricket team!

4.Sanjay Van

This artificially created forest in the south of Delhi never ceases to amaze me.

Located close to the famous Qutub Minar, this forest also houses the ancient walls of Qila Rai Pithora, or the Fort of Rai Pithora.

Within the forest are several graves of Muslim sufis and the popular legend says that the sould of these saints wander in these forests.

I was once attempting to cross this forest when a local resident stopped me saying that, there would be some weird things happening to me if I went further.A long dead sufi saint had gone for his ablutions and till the time he came back, nobody would be allowed any further!


Does it give you the shivers?

I sure do get when I pass these places.Delhi, after all is more than 3000 years old.

Hauntingly beautiful, this city is, isn’t it?


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