Unravelling layers of happiness- the Giftxoxo.com way!

As an observer of social norms and customs , I am always surprised- pleasantly- by the sheer innovation of a few.These few are the social changers and set new and higher levels of service or product deliveries.

Today, I am talking of an amazing company, Giftxoxo.com, that has taken the art of gifting to an altogether new high!

Gifting is a very personal affair and requires a lot of panache.Yes, it does please the gift receiver but, the manner of gifting can elevate personal relationships on a more solid and long lasting footing.

But, before I tell you something about this amazing gifting company, a little bit of interesting trivia around gifting.

Aurangzeb, Mir Jumla and the Koh-i-noor

It was the middle of the 17th century and the Mughal India was immersed in a bitter internecine war.There was Aurangzeb and pitted against him were the sons of Shahjehan, the reigning Mughal emperor. Aurangzeb had a very able ally in the form of Mir Jumla, the emir of Golconda. Do you know how the ties between these two were cemented?It was Koh-i-noor, the world famous diamond that did the trick! The diamond was gifted by the emir to Aurangzeb and that the bond stuck for a very long time. Today, Koh-i-noor adorns the crown of the British crown.

So, what is so special about Giftxoxo.com?

The Company gifts experiences.A gift is but a set of experiences and these experiences can  last a very long time.

Also, on a more psychological level, spending money on life experiences like vacation, concerts, picnics etc provide us greater satisfaction than material comforts like jewellery, apparel etc.

When I first read this, I thought to myself, oh no, not another cliche driven sales pitch…! But, these guys who started this Company- Sumit, Manoj, Abhishek and Kushal– actually put their fingers on the pulse of people like you and me and came up with this great idea of customised  WOW experiences.

You , me and Giftxoxo

                                                     Don’t dream your life, live it!

So, let’s say, you want to become a DJ. Holla, log on to Giftxoxo.com.

Oh, you want to try horse riding?Giftxoxo.com hai na?

Cocktail mixing?No problem, log on to Giftxoxo.com

Isn’t it a disruptive idea of unravelling layers of happiness via the Giftxoxo.com way?


Taking the pain out of gifting

So, basically, while you are thinking of what and how to gist something to your friend, parents, boss, client etc., these guys have figured it all out- click on a product shot , see the price and choose whether you want it to be e-delivered or physically.Since, Karva Chauth is round the corner, I would want to gift something WOW to my better half via this link;


I think after a long day of fasting,a feast via Giftxoxo.com would be amazing for her, no?

Still confused about how E Vouchers work? Here is the link;


And hey, if your parents live elsewhere, say in Lucknow, and they may not be really very conversant with how E Vouchers work, you can have the gift delivered to them physically.The Company has a whole lot of small and big towns covered in its delivery list, so don’t worry.;)))

And guys, don.t think whether you will be compensated in case you are disappointed.The Company will pay you back the full price if something goes wrong.

On a brighter side, it has the largest collection of curated and exclusive experiences so the range is huge and also, it has a list of 10,000 satisfied customers!

Wait, wait, wait, fellows! Did you say you want to sell your product or service as an experience here? No problems, just head to the seller section of the website.So, if you have a resort that you may want to market as a destination experience, Giftxoxo.com is the place to head to! ))

Come to think of it, I am thinking of taking my kids to this place in Delhi for a picnic;

                               Picnic Spot at Saras, near Damdama lake, Gurgaon

But, you know what, my secret fantasy is the Jump and Dive packages that the Company offers.I guess, I will I have to do that secretly…my folks would freak out at the mere mention of this adventure! Alas, some things are to be done all alone.

I guess it makes a lot of eminent sense for upcoming properties to market themselves this way, isn’t it?So, spread the cheer around,if you know of any entrepreneurs that may want to market their resorts, products etc, give them a shout out.


So, what are you waiting for , friends?Don.t think too much, take the plunge in the pool of life.


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