Who is the greatest Yogi ever?

Yogis are normally associated with people who have long beards, wear long flowing robes and having a tension free life. and performing various Yoga AsanasTrue? Not necessarily.

Well , today, I am going to tell you the hauntingly beautiful story of the greatest yogi the world has ever seen- Lord Krishna.

He was born this day more than 5000 years ago in the ancient town of Mathura, India. Krishna wasn’t born in a hospital, rather his ward was a prison which housed his father and his mother as well. The date of birth of Krishna is called Janmashtami or the eighth day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapad.

Mathura is approximately 160 miles from Delhi.

His maternal uncle , Kansa, wanted Krishna killed at the time if his birth as Kansa feared that the newly born Krishna would overthrow him as the King of Mathura upon achieving adulthood. Kansa failed in his endeavour and the baby Krishna was smuggled out of the prison to one of the small villages nearly 11 miles north of Mathura.

Krishna grew up to be a wise, hardworking, loving and tactful man . He was friend , philosopher , God, diplomat to people who flocked to him.

Krishna grew up in Vrindavan , a place that was regularly troubled by heavy rains that made the lives of his village folk miserable. He had the foresight to make use of a hill, Govardhan, as a bullwark against the floods associated with unpredictable rains. An ancient sculpture shows him lifting up the hill to provide refuge to his village folk .
 The masses of India largely consider Krishna as a lovable young toddler playing naughty games and having a cheerful disposition. Probably, every parent wants to have children like him.

 Forever naughty, Krishna is always associated with a flute from which emanates divine music. It also emits a mellifluous sound which means that every human being should strive to speak kind and sweet words. Our mouths are flutes, actually.
He is also find of his cows and bulls and is mostly seen enjoying the company of these creatures who provide the basic back bone of India’s agriculture.

 Krishna means so many things to so many people. He is considered to be the greatest yogi.

Because, he believed in living life fully while being conscious of the fact that we can only control our responses to the situations and not the situations themselves. We cannot control outcomes. Secondly, the only thing eternal and indestructible is Aatma. We all are but physical manifestations of Aatma. Aatma is roughly the soul of the western thought. Thus, birth and death of creatures is akin to Aatma wearing new clothes and shedding old ones.

Krishna never mandated what he was saying about Aatma was the universal truth; he left it to us to realize the significance of this thought. This is the hallmark of a true yogi.

He shared this thought with Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This thought is captured in the Bhagwad Gita, a book that inspires millions of people when caught in self doubt.

He was the charioteer of Arjun in the Great War, also called as Mahabharata

 In the image above, Arjuna is seen listening to Krishna patiently on his chariot. Arjuna is full of doubts about Dharma or duty.
Krishna explains to his friend the meaning of Dharma.

The world over, Krishna is revered for his unassuming, friendly and helpful nature. To the parents he is a lovable kid, to the philosophers he is the ultimate yogi and to the friends, he is the greatest friend- ever ready to help me and you out of tricky situations.

 Krishna is always accompanied by his consort, Radha.
He is immensely popular among women as he has time and again helped his women friends come out of embarrassing and dreadful situations.

Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu and so is Buddha too!

So essentially Krishna and Buddha are one and the same, both dwelling on Karma and Yoga!

 Today, world over, there are millions of followers of Krishna under the umbrella of ISKCON or the Hare Rama Hare Krishna sect.
Many of these followers are from United States, Russia, Canada and continental Europe .

 This is the story of Krishna .

How do you find this story, my friends?

I hope you liked it. If you want to know more about Lord Krishna, please write back to me.

I would like to thank my friends @Hiddenheritage or Arjun Kumar and Shri Abdul Aziz Rajput for giving me their permission to use their images.


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