Hauntingly Beautiful India Red Fort in Delhi-Part 2:Murder, he ordered! 

Bathrooms are for bathing and not for ordering executions, is’nt it?

You are seeing a hamam , a mediavel era bathroom within the Red Fort in Delhi. Travelers to Delhi can’t miss the Red Fort but, what they do miss is the ghastly and at times, sensuous stories about hamams.

The Red Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan in the middle of the 17th century. He is also credited with the construction of Taj Mahal in Agra.

He was succeeded by his son Aurangzeb who came to power after killing and driving away his brothers. This gentleman imprisoned his father, Shahjehan away in Agra so he could rule in peace , from Delhi.

Coming back to this hamam- the Emperor did more than just take a bath here: he consulted his aides on matters of administration and military campaigns.

And he also gave orders for execution of his rivals from the hamam. It was a well guarded place and very few trusted people could come inside.

It was a rainy day in July, 1657,that the Emperor, semi clad in his bathing robes and pouring perfumed water over his body, took a decision- Finish Dara! Dara was his eldest brother and had lost out in the bitter battle of succession to the throne.

Such, were the uses of this hamam that you see above.

The Sensuous Affairs 

Let’s now move to the more sensuous happenings of another hamam.

Back in the 1200s , the then Delhi Sultan, who was a successor to Iltutmish, was a licentious guy.

He used to make his harem women compete with each other for his affections: who would share the royal bed with him for the next few days!

Beautiful women, dressed to the minimum and each holding a lighted candle, used to cavort in the heavily perfumed waters of his harem. Those whose candles remained lighted after the orgies were over, were declared the winners and the Royal Bed was theirs!

Amazing lives these hedonistic guys led, is’nt it?

No trace of this particular hamam is left today. It was most probably located in the southern part of Delhi, near Humayun,s Tomb.There used to be a village called Kilokri or Kilokhri near the river Yamuna that housed that hamam. Not much is known of the history Kilokri or Kilokhri .

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One thought on “Hauntingly Beautiful India Red Fort in Delhi-Part 2:Murder, he ordered! 

  1. Cannot understand their mindsets. On the one hand, they are sensitive enough to create and surround themselves with beautiful things ( art, architecture, gardens); on the other they revel in inhuman cruelty, killing their own blood . Complicated personalities.


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