Tiger Tales…Mowgly, Mohan, Man Eaters and Much More..

    I live in Delhi, one of the ancient cities of not just India but of the rest of the world as well so, a lot of my posts reflect history.

   Today, I shall put in a little bit of something that is more representative of India, India’s wildlife.Today I will write about tigers, our jungles and Mowgli.

   I live not very far from a place called Bagdola.Old people of the village say that nearly a 100 years ago, Bagdola was home to tigers.”Bag ” means tiger and “dola” means “wandering” so, Bagdola was a place where tigers used to roam around.

   Scary, is’nt it?

   What if I told you that there is a famous story of one of the most famous tigresses, Machchli, having killed a 14 feet long crocodile in a much publicly watched event.

    Machhli lived in a forest in Rajasthan and was so named because of a fish shaped mark over her left eye.All tigers have some unique characteristics and this one also had one.

   This forest is called Ranthambore National Park  and is home to numerous tigers, leopards , bears and other forms of wild life.

  Machhli was quite a ferocious and muscular tiger and she definitely made her presence felt..One snarl of hers was enough to send prospective boyfriends scurrying for cover in the tall grasses of the forest.

Machhli passed on the baton to her daughter, Sundari (T-17) in the best traditions of the jungle. Sundari, also named Satra ( Seventeen) soon surpassed her mother in power and dominance of the jungle.Machhli had to relinquish a part of her kingdom to her daughter after  the mother lost a duel.Such are the ways of the jungle.Image result for images of tigers

One of her daughters was appropriately named Dollar. Sundari  remained a family person, visiting her folks periodically and checking everything was alright!

The Man Eater of Kumaon

  In the beginning of the 20 th century, the northern state of India, Uttar Pradesh , was wracked by a series of attacks on humans by a lone tiger.The area that witnessed these attacks is called Kumaon.

  The villain of the piece was called The Bachelor . It is said the bachelor had not just attacked but even killed and eaten dozens of humans. The said tiger was gunned down by India’s ace wild life hunter Jim Corbett.

  The hunting down of The Bachelor was later documented in a very interesting and much publicised book, The Man Eaters of Kumaon.

 Today the forest is now a protected area for tigers and is called Corbett National Park.One of my friends, Aditya Amar runs a summer cottage for travellers called Cottage Nirvana.You can access the link at; https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205988640182337&set=a.1270461688896.2041563.1450495076&type=1&theater&notif_t=like

                                   (Tomorrow- Mowgli and the White Tiger)

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