Piku- Irrfan steals the show in this Hindi movie

                    Piku is all about Irrfan

               I am committing blasphemy even as I am writing this, so help me God!
Piku , a Hindi movie released only last Friday is more about Irrfan than Amitabh Bachchan, Dipika Padukone or any other actor.
Hindi movie  watchers say that it took Amitabh more than 10 years to attain stardom.For Irrfan, it just took two and a half hours to replace the veteran from his pedestal.
I know I am making a sweeping statement but, that is the average assessment of the random movie goers that I spoke with, last Friday,in the Janakpuri, Delhi, cineplex.
Irrfan is simply fabulous- with a a slight arching of the eyebrow he can convey emotions and ideas that normally a beefy superstar finds it difficult to.
I am not a normal movie reviewer, but, last evening after a small chat with a fellow blogger , I decided to venture into this activity.
The best actors in Hindi cinema come from the NSD or the Indian Film Institute, the superstars come in their Lamborghinis or Ferraris.Irrfaan is the best actor around but he won’t become a superstar.NSD is a theatre training school run by the government of India.
Piku essentially is a movie reflecting the changing attitudes and sensibilities in the Bengali community.The protagonist(Dipika) is around 30 years old, single,surprisingly svelte and has a very sexually active life.She is surprisingly svelte because you don’t have a fantastic body even at 30!
Piku is devoted to her dad and Dad Amitabh has famously essayed a role of a cantankerous, miserly Bengali elder.He is constantly fidgety about his bowel movements which is really the hook or the anchor of the movie.
Irrfan, a travel entrepreneur, brings a fresh whiff of air to this otherwise constipopulous (copyright mine) drama with his one liners and loaded twitch-of-the-eye stuff.
I have been watching movies for a good 30 years for now,and this is the second time I have seen Amitabh dying in a movie-the first one being the immensely successful blockbuster Sholay.
Dipika sparkles but her Hindi dialogues betray her struggles with the language.
I would rate Piku an excellent Hindi movie and hope it sweeps the sundry movie awards next year.
Well done Piku, Irrfan, Amitabh and Shoojit Sarkar!
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