Dad I Miss You!

The grief of a daughter for her papa

Ajuli Tulsyan


As I sit here today, I realise how your absence has left a permanent void in my life…

You were always there to talk to, to listen; you always asked me to stay and sulked when I booked my return ticket…
You always asked… “Can you not stay for a few days more”…
And with a heavy heart I always said…next time I shall stay a few days more!

Everything has changed today…nothing is the same!
And its only fate that I can blame…
Today I can stay for a long duration and I don’t need to hurry back…
Wish you were there to celebrate this stay…
We would have talked…chatted and cards we would play!
I miss you dad….
If you were here, you would have been so glad.

I miss your smiles and your nods…
Your advices and your encouraging words…
I miss your laughter; I miss your…

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