In a deadend

                   I guess I have hit a roadblock

I have nothing to write today, it seems.
After writing furiously in the past seven days, my thought process has gone into a tail spin.It is 11 pm in Delhi, India and I am in a daze.
What do they say?Writer’s block…yes, that is what seems to have hit me.
But, the urge to write something for my friends who follow me is over powering.Maybe, I shall get a nudge, a sense of direction from them.
Have I become too opinionated ?Which is what is showing up in my writings?Why do I have to think on subjects for my blog?It should all come out spontaneously.No?
Why bother people with my perceptions and opinions ? Does it matter?
But, then the urge…ohhh?
I never have penned down my thoughts, my deepest emotions, so, does this roadblock give me an opportunity to bare my soul?
I don’t know but, writers are known to display their softer selves at times.You are a human and you can’t help  continue being a human.
But, years of struggle for the daily morsel have erected walls of impersonality around my self.So difficult to scale them up!

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