Frozen in Time – Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli, Delhi

The first time I tried exploring the famous poet’s haveli in Delhi, I developed week knees. The sight of kebabs and other non vegetarian ‘delights’ put me off. I have been born into and raised as a vegetarian , that’s why. 

A month back, I tried a different route and this one was a delight. The numerous chai shops kept on egging me and finally, I reached the haveli with few problems. 

Haveli means house in English. 

Ghalib was a famous poet -shair- and lived in Delhi. He originally belonged to Agra, land of the Taj, but migrated to imperial Delhi hoping for patronage from the then Mughal emperor , Bahadur Shah Zafar. We are talking of the 19th century. 

India, during those days was under the rule of the British East India Company and Persian was still the court language. English had not till the supplanted Persian or the recently developed Urdu. 

Ghalib was primarily a poet of Urdu. 

He apparently lived an uneventful life. 

In the year 1857 and the subsequent year, much of India was overcome by the events of the Great War of Independence but the poet’s writings hardly reflect the angst of those times. 

You could describe him as probably a narcissist. 

Ghalib passed away in 1869, the year in which Mahatma Gandhi was born. 

I am presenting a few photographs of the famous poet’s haveli. Hope you enjoy. 

            Bust of the poet 



        Ghalib’s chaupad set 

The doors are still surviving!  


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