The Legacy of Buddha

The legacy of Buddha….

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IMG_1880Gautam Buddha and Maharana Pratap- The two heroes of World and Indian History

May is a special month for Indian history. May, of course, is also one of the hottest months of the Indian subcontinent but for now, we will focus just on history and not geography.
It is in May that two of India’s two greatest leaders-one philosophical and the other a military/political leader- were born.
We all know about Gautam Buddha but, outside India, not many people know about Maharana Pratap.
But, first we will understand the legacy and heritage of Gautam Buddha.
The fundamental difference that Buddha made for the millions of Indians was this- he espoused the philosophy of renunciation.
He was born in a royal family and was the heir apparent of the Shakya kingdom but, the sufferings of his subjects made him tleave the worldly trappings and go discover the sublime truth.
He is…

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