Squandered Legacy-The Kingdom of Delhi and its political ramifications today

Last week, a good friend of mine , Ram Kumar , who runs a digital ad agency, took me to a well appointed villa in Chhattarpur, South Delhi.

The villa is truly luxurious in its settings and has amenities which a common salaried person In Delhi can only dream of.

The luxurious villas belong to a family of Tomars.Tomars are a martial clan-also called Rajputs- and were the masters of Delhi more than a thousand years back.At that time, the capital of Delhi was Mehrauli, a few miles away from Chhattarpur and hope to the famous Qutab Minar.

The last Tomar king to have ruled Delhi was Anangpal Tomar who had encircled his capital with fortified battlements.His fort was called Lalkot and traces of this wall can still be seen under the dense underbrush behind Mehrauli

This king had a couple of minor sons and a daughter who was married to the king of Ajmer who was  a Chauhan Rajput and ruled over much of today’s Rajasthan.

This king had a very brave son, Prithviraj, who is celebrated in Indian history as one of the bravest Indian kings.

Anangpal had a special fondness for Prithviraj-his grandson- and one day he decided to anoint him as his successor to the throne of Delhi.

Prithviraj, though a brave man was an impetuous and at times a lazy man.And these two qualities rid him of Delhi.

He gradually, lost most of his friends and allies because of his volatile temper and lack of judgment.Some he threw behind the bars.

By the time Mohammed Ghauri of Ghazni arrived on the political horizons of India, Prithviraj had run out his allies. friends- and luck.

In the second battle of Tarain that was fought in 1192, Prithviraj was captured and India lost her freedom to the invading hordes of the Turks and Afghans.

A kingdom that Prithviraj received as a gift from his grandfather could not be retained- a political legacy was squandered.India has never been the same since then.

There are interesting parallels to this anecdote to the current political scenario in India.India’s largest political party, the Congress, which has come to Rahul Gandhi by way of inheritance is seriously in danger of vanishing into history.

Large swathes of the country which were important constituencies of Congress have passed into the hands of its political adversaries. Simply put, Mr. Gandhi has no longer his ears to the ground.

1192 redux is the writing on the wall.

I would request my friends to give their feedback on this small observation please.


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