The Amazing Story of Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, Delhi

Today is the Prakash Parva in memory of Guru Harkishan, one of the earlier Gurus of Sikhs.

Guru Harkishan was one of the youngest Gurus, having adorned the seat at a very young age of 8 years.

In this young age, he , naturally, attracted a lot of people from other faiths to his chosen fold and this did not please the then emperor of India, Aurangzeb.The year was 1668 and he was fresh from his campaign to usurp the seat that was till recently occupied by Shah Jehan.

The Emperor asked Raja Jai Singh , one of his vassals and the king of Amber to fetch the Guru to Delhi so that Aurangzeb could check the Guru out.

The Raja, one of the craftiest courtiers of Aurangzeb, managed to convince the Guru to accompany him to Delhi.

The Guru, naive as he was, readily agreed.

He was put up in the present day Gurudwara Bangla Sahib-at that time it used to be the palace of Raja Jai Singh.

Jai Singh sent a retinue of women-all dressed similarly-to the Guru and requested him to identify Jai Singh’s wife among the group of women.The idea was to check the Guru’s wisom, awareness etc.

The Guru readily identified the king’s wife and thereby earned his respect.

A few days later ,a dreadful disease , measles struck the Delhi citizens.

The Guru tried level hard to treat the Delhiites of the disease but, in this endeavour, himself passed away.

He died in the Raja’s palace which was later converted to a Gurudwara.

This Gurudwara stands near the Connaught Place and the Jantar Mantar, also the Raja’s creation.

This is the amazing story of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.


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